P. Relan YouWeb Incubator

Mobile, Marketplaces, Education
Backet by
813 700 USD
Syndicate lead
Vertica, OpenFeint, Crowdstar, Hammer & Chisel (Discord), MicroPlace, Agawi, MicroPlace, Agawi

Zero Carry because we already have a 5% to 20% equity stake in the deals we incubate. Our current portfolio already includes Hammer & Chisel (Founder of Openfeint which was acquired for >$100M), GotIt! a real time marketplace for mobile study help, Awear: smart messaging for Wearables, OneFold: Google BigQuery based Mobile Behavior Analytics for Large Data sets, SmartCommute: Uber for Corporate Travel in Emerging Markets, Venovate the crowdfunding marketplace for Hedge Funds, Real Estate Funds and Venture Funds.  We are focused on Marketplaces, IoT, Wearables. http://www.youwebinc.com
YouWeb Incubator's 9plus Program follows YouWeb Incubator's Mobile Program, which generated for its investors a higher net cash-on-cash multiple than any disclosed by venture capital funds of the same vintage (which includes funds invested in Twitter, Tumblr, Zynga, OMGPOP, and other large, successful investments: Spark Capital II, Foundry Venture Capital 2007, Union Square Ventures 2008, Avalon Ventures VIII).
The deal flow is also curated heavily by YouWeb's team because our Syndicate invests ONLY in our Incubator backed deals. Investing in our Incubator itself requires a minimum of $25K per person, so the Syndicate opens up our start-ups to a broader base of angel investors.