Andra Keay

Health Care, Medication Adherence, Patient Management
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Syndicate lead
Catalia Health, TerrAvion

I see some amazing robotics startups from a very early stage and the goal of this syndicate is to bring the best startups to the attention of the broader investment community. The syndicate has backers and advisors with a wide range of investment, entrepreneurial and robotics experience. We have the deal flow and the judgement.

We will focus on investing in early stage robotics companies with relatively low technical risk and strong business model. Our first syndicate is coming up very soon - become a backer for more information.


Robotics is maturing rapidly and it's going to affect every vertical. Great entrepreneurs are committing to this space because of the opportunities today that weren't possible just 1 or 2 years ago.

Through my involvement in various robotics organizations (Silicon Valley Robotics, Robohub, Robot Launchpad) I'm able to see a lot of robotics startups from all over the world and have the opportunity to work closely with many of them. I love being able to invest time and money in startups who are ready to change the world.

Advisors and Investors:

Michael Harries - Founder Citrix Startup Accelerator, Angel
Steven Humphries - Founder Flywheel Software, ex Giraff Robotics, Angel
Vytas Sunspiral - NASA Senior Researcher Intelligent Robots
Melonee Wise - Founder Unbounded Robotics, Turtlebots, Willow Garage senior engineer