Emerge Education

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380 000 USD
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Meducation, StudentFunder, Ncite Neuromedia, Primo Toys, Bibblio

Emerge Education is a London-based, 3-month accelerator programme for startups intending to improve educational outcomes. On top of a £15K living stipend, workspace and business support, selected companies receive:
- Access to a deep pool of educators, progressive educational institutions and existing distribution platforms for live customer testing and accelerated market distribution.
- Deep industry-specific insight through its community of some of Europe’s hottest edtech founders, including executives from Mendeley ($69M exit to Reed Elsevier), Busuu, and Memrise.
- Weekly coaching from Emerge Education’s Venture Partners, Volker Hirsch, Neeraj Sharma and Martin Campbell. The trio are successful entrepreneurs and education and games industry veterans, hailing from companies such as Scoreloop (exit to Blackberry in 2011), Vivo Miles (used by over 1M students in the UK) and Blackbaud (supplying software to more than 70% of UK higher education institutions).