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The EGA®-NMN Compound has reduced the key Biomarkers for aging in four people, so far, according to medical diagnostic tests performed by independent Doctors. The key ingredient that requires the other two ingredients in order to be effective is NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide). NMN is a chemical compound that initiates a chain reaction in the human body that has shown to reverse aging as per Harvard (2013) and Imai (2007) experiments. The actual scientific publications are available upon request.

In December of 2013, Harvard Medical School completed a control study on mice utilizing this compound – called NMN for short --- that showed conclusively age reversal fr om the equivalent human years of 60 to 20 years old in the mice taking the compound as opposed to the control group that did not take the compound.[1] The age reversal was measured by energy levels, sleep patterns, cognitive ability to solve challenges and problems and organ/glandular functioning before and after taking the NMN compound.

There have also been an estimated 30,000 drug and alcohol abusers that have been given NAD+ (NMN is enzymatically converted into NAD+) in an IV drip by physicians in South Africa[2] as well as 700 in Louisiana[3] and about 60 in San Diego, California[4]. People who were administered the drip reported experiencing age reversal indicators in that diseases of aging cleared up such as arthritic pain, memory loss and heart/blood pressure issues etc. In addition, their sleep patterns dramatically improved and their energy increased with greater mental clarity. All reported problem solving became much easier – needless to say they no longer felt the need to take drugs or consume alcohol.

The results in the four people, wh ere we have the medical data, show up to an 80% improvement in the key biomarkers related to aging such as Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) and Interleukin 6 (IL-6). In addition, five people in the study had complete remission in their arthritic pain after taking the EGA-NMN Triple Compound Supplement for three months. We have a video with one of the users of the EGA-NMN Triple Compound reporting the above results.

The Egaceutical Corporation scientific team consists of some of the most progressive and prestigious scientists and medical doctors in the USA. The intent is to market the Compound to wealthy baby boomers who can easily afford the high price of receiving the one year treatment
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