Gil Dibner

Europe, Israel, Deep Tech
Backet by
859 500 USD
Syndicate lead
Sisense, The Gifts Project, Front, Crate.IO, Innovid, LoyalBlocks, Jfrog

I have been a professional VC for over a decade across Israel and Europe. My venture portfolio includes The Gifts Project (acquired by Ebay), Yedda (acquired by AOL), Innovid (backed by Sequoia), JFrog (backed by VMware), SiSense (backed by Opus, Battery, and DFJ Growth), LoyalBlocks (backed by General Catalyst), RhodeCode (backed by Earlybird), and Crate (backed by Sunstone).
My angel portfolio includes Front (backed by Y-Combinator, Boldstart, SoftTech, and Point Nine), and (backed by DFJ Menlo Park).
Overall, this portfolio has generated very impressive performance – and I’m happy to share more information as necessary on my previous investment track record.
For more information, you are welcome to take a look at my Linkedin profile, my AngelList profile, my twitter stream, or my blog on the European & Israeli technology scene, Yankee Sabra Limey.

Will lead syndicates in a select group of European and Israeli companies with strong technology underpinnings, highly differentiated offerings, and validation from sophisticated buyers