Athenian Venture Partners

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<p>Founded in 1997 in Athens, OH, Athenian Venture Partners is an established venture capital firm that specializes in early stage Information Technology, Digital Health and Healthcare investing. Our investment team consists of <nobr>highly-credentialed</nobr> and skilled industry operators with deep expertise in the IT and Healthcare sectors. They are supported by experienced professionals in Finance, Investor Relations and Operations.<br />
With principals located in Ohio, Florida and Southern California, we are focused on the Midwest, Southeast and Southern West Coast — attractive yet underserved early stage venture markets that produce great companies. Given that few established venture capital firms operate in these regions, particularly the Midwest and Southeast, many compelling early stage opportunities often go overlooked. Dynamic businesses are continually being started but are short on institutional venture support in the local ecosystem. Athenian serves that need.<br />
We have a demonstrated 18+ year operating history, investing in companies and successfully building businesses within these geographic markets through challenging market conditions, including the 2000 bubble and 2008 financial collapse. During this period, we continued to invest and produce strong returns for our limited partners, which include both institutional and individual investors.</p>