Lincoln Benefit Life

1221 N Street, Suite 200, Lincoln, Nebraska 68508

Since 1938, Lincoln Benefit Life has been a strong leader in the life insurance and annuities financial industry. On April 1, 2014 Resolution Life acquired LBL, after receiving all required regulatory approvals. Resolution Life is a specialty U.S. life insurance company with institutional investors, such as life companies and pension funds with a long-term investment outlook.
In connection with the acquisition, LBL obtained direct ownership and control of assets and reserves previously held by its parent company. This allows LBL to fulfill its commitments to its policyholders and remain in compliance with capital requirements under applicable law. LBL will continue to be domiciled in Nebraska and to be regulated by the Nebraska Department of Insurance. LBL also continues to participate in the guaranty association system, which provides an added layer of security to policyholders.