Dr. Ancha Baranova

Dr. Ancha Baranova
Dr. Ancha Baranova
School of Systems Biology, David King Hall, MSN 3E1 George Mason University
Associate Professor,
School of Systems Biology,
David King Hall, MSN 3E1
George Mason University

How will your research contribute to extending healthy human life?

My lab has developed new cumulative biomarkers for long-term health status monitoring (8-oxo-dG in serum), and we are currently working on improvement of application of, а description method of a full genome, proteome and metabolome profile of a tissue as a longitude health biomarker and also at the aging theory as multiple pathways from stability state as an attractor.
We are also working at the projects relating to worn biosensors development, etc.

What were the major breakthroughs made by your laboratory or companies?

Today the main breakthrough is propagation of an idea that aging can be managed (slowed down/accelerated) among all the social groups.
This is the factor, which can become a driver of a personalized health maintenance approaches revolution.

Can your research be commercialized in the future and is there any way to invest in this research today?

I have several projects ready for commercialization (see. my answers above), as well as the project on suppression of systemic inflammation by means of nutraceutical components, enhancing melanogenesis in tissues.

In your opinion, what are the most promising companies contributing to longevity research today?

Ubiome, Counterpointe Health Solutions (Dr. Waine Matson), Human Longevity Inc (Venter) — but I do not like Venter’s approach

Do you think there will be significant breakthroughs in longevity research in the next decade?

Absolutely — but with them will come a realization that these solutions are 1) not available to everybody 2) too late for some people — and it will stem a lot of debates in politics and society

the primary means of life extension will be in 1) metabolism manipulations 2) microbiome manipulation 3) nutraceuticals will be mass-market and will be used as middle class quazi treatments

Do you think it is a good time for iVAO to get into longevity business and invest in biotechnology in general?

Absolutely — but not in Pharma, but in near-health markets (I have a lot of idea about that)

Can you say a few words about the upcoming conference in St. Petersburg? What are your expectations?

I really want to be there but I cannot. sorry. Another time