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Saratov scientists have created new technology for the treatment of brain tumors

Scientists of Saratov state University have developed a new optical technology for personal treatment of the aggressive forms of glial brain tumors by using gold nanoparticles, said on Thursday the regional Ministry of industry and energy.

According to scientists, during the preparatory phase in a patient with an aggressive form of brain tumor (glioma) of the drawn blood sample are macrophages, which are loaded gold nanoparticles. Then with a laser produced photodynamic treatment 630-660 nanometers, opens the blood-brain barrier (the system that does not pass from the blood into the brain of toxic substances and microorganisms), and in brain tumor, are macrophages with gold nanoparticles for the effective diagnosis of the borders of the tumor due to the movement of macrophages in the tumor marginal zone.

«Effective personalized treatment of brain tumors is achieved laser action 800 nanometers of gold nanoparticles at the edges of the tumor, whereby it is noted the death of tumor cells, stopping their growth», — quotes Agency the developers.

Scientists note that the new optical technology allows you to open a temporary «window» of the blood brain barrier and then the barrier function is restored.

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