chronographic theory of Olovnikov

Minimum investment
5 000 000 USD
Required investments

In 2015, according to the previous ideas, Alexey Olovnikov has suggested a new theory, called «chronographic theory of aging progression and cancer origins: the role of the chronomeres and printomeres» (journal Current Aging Science 2015). In this theory the previous ideas on telomeres are taken into account and represent a particular case inside more general theory. It is expected that during organism development there are transitory structures on the surface of the chromosomes. These structures are the copies of the chromosomal original source sequence. These structures, which are created as amplificates of some regulatory sequences of DNA are required for the next goals:
— They assist cellular capability to keep memory of the cell on previous divisions and on specialization (differentiation)
— These amplificates (printomeres and chronomeres) participate also in the very important biological purpose — transition of the information from the DNA into the 3D structure form e.g. they control how cells are assembled into the complexes and form organs during morphogenesis. Amplificates, which are created in the neurons of the central neuronal system are participating in solving another very important role — they define biological age, which is required for the organization of the biological processes according to the exactly required time.

— For example, it is important for the organism to control sexual development at certain age, to control menopause in women and andropause in men. Besides, management of printomeres may allow to manage regeneration in the future. All these questions form the basis for the tasks of the new gerontological center, which is suggested to be managed by A. M. Olovnikov and Michael West. These studies can be performed in any part of the globe, but the ideal place for such studies is the base, which can be provided by Michael West. Michael West has an enormous experience in the field of studies of telomeres and telomerase — the objects, which are the closest by their functional role to the printomeres. By the way, telomerase according to the current version of Olovnikov theory immortalizes cells due to its capability to protect printomeres ends exactly in the same way as it does with telomeres. During these studies, which may take up to 10 years (but which we would like to make as fast as possible).

In order to accelerate the research, it makes sense for Alexey Olovnikov to be present, on regular basis, in the center of these studies.

Financial part of the project. Now it is obvious that expenses can be substantially cut due to possibility of usage of the experience, equipment, infrastructure and employees of the Michael West laboratories. Neverthless it makes sense to recruit some employees (familiar with problem) from Russia as well.
Organization of such center from zero level would require minimum 50 mln. usd. However, if infrastructure from Michael West can be used, the expenses in the beginning can be cut to 5 mln. usd. In light of high social importance of the project, it can get also support from various financial centers, which can in the future significantly increase capitalization of the whole project.

First results from the experiments are expected to be ready in one year from the beginning. During the research process, the additional possibilities as well as some issues will arise — as it always happens during the research process. Verification of the suggested theory will open a new era in the modern biology and biomedicine.

In order to organize the fruitful work of Alexey Olovnikov, it is rational to provide to him into his usage realty in the form of separate building (cottage). This cottage can be for example owned by the company and in case of the liquidation of the company, this realty will be provided to Alexey Olovnikov into his ownership.

Estimated length of the project is around 10 years.

Required Investments
Minimum investment
5 000 000 USD